Keep•It•Human is a Social Venture at the intersections of video-gaming and digital philanthropy, building new ways to give back. How?
  •  Providing charitable foundations and NGOs with a new space in the digital, to renew their donors' age and maximise their non-digital practices
  • Facilitating a new generation of people with the ownership of social challenges through videogaming

Social Venture Spin-out

We are a unique academic spin-out from The University of Manchester started in 2020. Our MVP videogame-demo shows how our concept and technology can add Music and Fun to digital fundraising, connecting NGOs and Charities with a new generation of donors.

Our first Use Case Timbi World has proven digital-to-real conversion via Proxy donors support in video-gaming

Keep•It•Human Webinars: We are committed to share our journey and help other social entrepreneurs and academics.

MVP: demo

Join calabash-made character Timbiliki@ on an epic journey across musical islands. Digital Rewards unlocked during game-play can unlock Real Rewards paid by Proxies that we send to our partner NGO and follow.
Bang your wooden head to greet new friends; complete challenges to collect rhythmic energy; sweat your t-shirt at your favourite in-game music gig
 and climb the giant mwenge tree for the best view in the world!
" I did enjoy the emergent gameplay arising from the infinite jumping bug, giving rise to people towers and hovering characters. Hitting your own head as a means to drum with the rhythm and for clapping was a good fit too."

Falk | Inertya @falkmou


We fundraised for Maputo Skate to keep young people away from gangs and drugs


For every VIRTUAL SKATE you donate, you are helping to provide a child like Milofa with a Skate and Education (*)
We built a donation campaign (full-cycle), as a proof-of-concept connecting synergies between videogamers, proxy-donors and beneficiaries

(*) Subject to donations to our gofundme campaign


Keep•It•Human is a Game Ecosystem for Digital Altruism. We add music and fun to the philanthropic giving experience to connect a new generation of people with the ownership of social challenges. 
Our core VISION is to remind people what makes us human and that in the digital world, we may be incorporeal or reembodied but still humans and humans can do good.


Keep•It•Human's goal is to build the world's largest Digital Game Ecosystem for Collaborative Altruism. We add music and fun to the philanthropic giving experience as a new dimension to connect gamers with the ownership of social challenges.


The Internet has widely spread awareness of global challenges and our younger generations need better tools to have their voice heard. Keep•It•Human facilitates novel forms of digital-to-digital fundraising for young people to engage in social good, on causes that matter to them


Digital Twins are our toolkit for enduring impact on the physical world. They are more than a traceability tool. They efficiently use the transformative digital media and interactive storytelling to connect the owner of the virtual twin (the player) with its linked social challenge (thus the beneficiary).