Our Journey 

We are a unique academic spin-out from The University of Manchester in the UK, started in 2020. Our MVP videogame-demo timbi.world shows how our concept and technology can add Music and Fun to digital fundraising, connecting NGOs and Charities with a new generation of donors.

Social Venture Spin-Out

Aspect (A Social sciences Platform for Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Transformation) is a network for organisations looking to make the most of commercial and business opportunities from social sciences research. We joined the accelerator (now called ARC) in March 2020.

Here is our journey through ASPECT !

HIGHLIGHTS - ASPECT FELLOWSHIP 2021 (in three parts)

Partners and mentors 

Below some of the training partners and team participating at ASPECT 2020 (now ARC) 

Market Research

Including presentations from Green Shoots Market Intelligence -Mike Kelly; including resources to hire external experts -KiH closely collaborated with Anchored in looking at Routes to Market (Ian Tracey and Nicola Musgrove)

Social Sciences

Including presentations from sOPHIa - Jamie Coats (Oxford University’s first Social Science spinout);  NESTA - Ben Reid; Taylor Vinters; IPOW-Ruth Daniel (In Place of War - UoM spinout); Digital Health care startup VANN - Ani Haykun' ; Greater Change - Alex McCallion; Cibus Health - Ti Xu; ALT/NOW- Annie Radl; Hello Lap Post- Tiernan Mines; Go_girl code - Tracey Denton-Calabrese; 


UCL Enterprise; Tataj Innovation - Daria Tataj; Pitch training with Robert Frosh, P2T Consulting Ltd;  alongside support from local TTOs (Tony Walker - Masood Entreprise UoM);

Why is it good for academics to get involved with ASPECT? 

As academic researchers, we have much to offer to society beyond our usual academic practice. The problem is that we do not have the knowledge and resources to convert our expertise into social value. There are many scholars willing to make a real difference on things and problems that matter beyond their teaching and contribution to knowledge but, how can we go about it? This is particularly worse when it comes to academic practice in the Humanties, the Arts and Social Sciences. Not because we are less resourceful than academics in the STEM related scientific disciplines. This is because supporting infrastructure in the Social Social Science and the Humanities is not quite there yet. Social Innovation Accelerators like Aspect UK are still the exception to the norm but they have arguably the key to unlease a very large ecosystem-for-good that many of us want to see in academia as a default.