Playtests start in May 2023
• Resourceful World is a puzzle video game on ENERGIES (renewable vs. non-renewable) exploring their impact on people’s HEALTH and the environment
• Become collectively resourceful and save the planet on which future humans depend upon
• Resourceful world is funded by UMRI, The University of Manchester Research Institute.

Video-games, as a new transformative medium to engage people in sustainability research

We are fast-tracking custom video-game development for academics at the University of Manchester, as the medium to research and communicate their SDGs (The Sustainable Development Goals), especially when they collaborate with external partners in this space.
We prioritise portfolios seeking to address environmental challenges through a broad social, economic, environmental sustainability perspective.

Survive being resourceful

You play the Renewable Energy Squad against a world that it's not moving away from energies that are harmful to our planet and its habitants, including humans. You won't be able to defeat it alone but you can use your energy superpowers in combination with other green superpowers and save the world for future generations.