Timeline of news on media, milestones etc

Nov 5th, 2020 - Timbila Live Aid in the final three for the Best Videogame awards!!

Timbila Live Aid nomination

We are very excited to see Timbila Live Aid game among the three finalists. Results to be announced on November 21st. More details about the candidates for other categories (films, documentaries etc) here
Timbila Live Aid is a joint effort between Ricardo Climent (Keep•It•Human) and Manusamo&Bzika, and Miquel Bernat (percussion)

November 1st, 2020 - Gofundme campaign 100% completed! 

Time to celebrate!

We have now reached 100% of our target and raised 10 skate & educational packs for Maputo Skate, after our first ever live concert in the Timbila Live Aid game. Funds have now arrived at Maputo thanks to our 63 amazing donors. We are very proud of them.

Nov 1st, 2020 - MANTIS FESTIVAL 2020 host Timbila Live Aid's 1st ever in-game concert with guest Thought Universe (electronica)  and audiences went crazy!


 - 1st November 2020
Our first ever in-game multiplayer concert at Timbila Live Aid. It was absolute madness!! Thank you all the attendees and congratulations to  our invited guest Thought Universe (aka Mark Pilkington) and his Manchester Sound.
Production Team: Ricardo Climent (Keep it Human), Alena Mesarosova and Manu Ferrer (Manusamo & Bzika / El Capricho AudioVisual)

October 8th, 2020 - Timbila Live Aid nominated for Best Videogame award!!

Thrilled to announce that our game TimbilaLiveAid has been shortlisted for the Best Video Game Award by the Acadèmia Valenciana Audiovisual!!
Check the list of candidates here 

We just started our profile on Linkedin with this impactful logo! 

Sept 19th, 2020 - 60% collected!
Message from Francisco Vinho, founder of Maputo Skate to our donors.

5 September 2020: First day of fundraising. Thank you!!!!

August 31st, 2020 - WEB LAUNCH!

People have been asking for further information concerning our Timbila Live Aid game for Sound Campus (Ars Electronica) so we finally have some news for you! Here is our new website.

July 8th, 2020 - ASPECT INTERVIEW

The SUCCESS programme is helping social scientists transform innovative and marketable ideas into a business or social enterprise.
We spoke to Ricardo Climent – Professor of Interactive Music, University of Manchester, and Founder of Keep•It•Human – about his ambitious project and what he’s hoping to get out of the SUCCESS programme. Read more below.


May 1st, 2020 -  Masood Internship started: Julio Martinez Ferrer, a Business Development Intern at The Masood Enterprise Centre and 4th year Law and Business Student at University of Navarra has joined the team!!!!

March 4th, 2020 - Our SUCCESS 2020 Venture Idea accepted!

TITLE: Keep it Human – a gamified live musical battle. So, we are now committed to Success 2020, a 9-month programme run by ASPECT, for social science researchers developed through collaboration between LSE, University of Manchester, University of Sussex, University of Oxford, University of Sheffield, University of Glasgow and Cardiff University. So we are asked to develop a social sciences venture idea to be presented at a VC Pitch investment day in early November.