Game Concept

Timbi World

Timbi World is a multiplayer game ecosystem which invites gamers to "Play for fun and share the reward". Timbi World is an playful archipielago where music, fun and multiplayer interaction connect a virtual experience with actions in and from the real world. Each island has a focus and original purpose and they share the aesthetics and culture of the Chopi Timbila (Unesco's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity).

The Islands

Timbila Live Aid

Release: 8th September 2020
Event: Ars Electronica - Sonic Campus
Concept: Timbi World's first-ever island adds music and fun to our fundraiser initiative for Maputo Skate (via gofundme) - an African non-profit organisation established in Mozambique. Maputo Skate focuses on edu-skating, a concept-tool designed to keep young people away from gang culture, drugs, alcohol and crime.

Timbi Arena

Release: 30th October 2020
Event: MANTIS Festival 2020
Concept: Timbi Arena is a virtual concert stage 

Timbi Expo'58

In Timbi Expo 58 (realease in early 2021), players can navigate the iconic1958 Brussels World's Fair. Unlock musical puzzles and time-travel to the Enter the Dutch 'Philipz' Pavilion and make 'Atomium' your personal musical instrument. Perhaps even bump into Xenakis and Varèse!.