Keep•It•Human video-game LAB

Our lab prototypes Free-to-play games, connected to NGOs and crowdfunding proxies. We start with cardboard prototypes and implement early play-tests with University Students and partner NGOs to shape the user experience.

Social video-games (in our lab!)

Current projects and social-tools prototyping

Caficultora (Lab) 

 Caficultora – Helping coffee producers to become sustainable stewards of the local ecosystem on which they depend - (multiplayer)
Current status: Reserch Lab approved

  • Play to own environmental responsibility in a gamified coffee-chain ecosystem. Push for higher quality coffee-bean standards and prices.
  • Help Caficultora (coffee farmer) to cultivate 'el Cafetal' with love and passion, improving the living conditions of her workers, natural habitat and ecosphere.

Rubber, the lovely 'charity mugger' (Lab) - POC at Keep•I.t •Human  Current status: Reserch Lab approved

Never thought of street-canvassing for a social cause in a video-game?
  •  This lovely and trustable video-game character helps players on their mission, sometimes in exchange for support of her social causes. 
  • Yes, sometimes in your way, but always for a good cause.