Keep•It•Human video-game LAB

Our lab prototypes Free-to-play games, connected to NGOs and crowdfunding proxies. We start with cardboard prototypes and implement early play-tests with University Students and partner NGOs to shape the user experience.

Timbi World (2020-21) - POC for ASPECT Success Accelerator 2020

Our first multiplayer video-game MVP was in support for Maputo Skate, an NGO established in Khongolote, Maputo. Their edu-skating programme keeps young people away from gang culture, drugs, alcohol and crime in Mozambique.

  • Timbi World provided this NGOs with a new space in the digital, to renew their donors' age, facilitating a new generation of people with the ownership of social challenges through videogaming.
  • Virtual-to-Real: Players earned rhythmic energy to unlock assets; i.e. virtual skateboards, helping us to send real skateboards to Africa. Proxies paid on behalf of young people via our GoFundme campaign
Studio: Keep•It•Human in  partnership with Manusamo&Bzika.


Social video-games (in our lab!)

Current projects and social-tools prototyping

Mangrove.World (2022)

Current status: POC completed (Feb-May 2022)
Ready to save your local village by restoring Mangroves in saline waters? Yes, Mangrove trees project people from ferocious storms and provide a rich ecosystem for fisher people to do their job. But... hurry up before the typhoon is back and be cautions, Mangroves do not grow everywhere and need to be planted during the right lunar cycle! Plant a digital twin and we will figure out again how to make it real.
Team: KiH • Imago • Oceanus • Innovation Factory

Caficultora (Lab) 

 Caficultora – Helping coffee producers to become sustainable stewards of the local ecosystem on which they depend.
Current status: Reserch Lab approved

  • Play to own environmental responsibility in a gamified coffee-chain ecosystem. Push for higher quality coffee-bean standards and prices.
  • Help Caficultora (coffee farmer) to cultivate 'el Cafetal' with love and passion, improving the living conditions of her workers, natural habitat and ecosphere.

Rubber, the lovely 'charity mugger' (Lab) - POC at Keep•I.t •Human  Current status: Reserch Lab approved

Never thought of street-canvassing for a social cause in a video-game?
  •  This lovely and trustable video-game character helps players on their mission, sometimes in exchange for support of her social causes. 
  • Yes, sometimes in your way, but always for a good cause.