When videogaming meets Philanthropic Giving

We are a Social Venture at the intersections of videogaming and digital philanthropy building new ways to give back. We interlock these two markes via:
  • Providing charitable foundations and NGOs with a new space in the digital, to renew their donors' age and maximise their non-digital practices
  • Facilitating a new generation of people with the ownership of social challenges through videogaming

Our Pitch in 3 minutes

Lean Canvas type of Pitch presentation on November 9, 2020 a the end of ASPECT acceleration programme.


Read our project profile built at ASPECT UK

Help us move KiH meter to 100%

Our core VISION is to remind people what makes us human and that in the digital world, we may be incorporeal or reembodied but still humans.
Keep•It•Human - Digital but human

@copyright Keep•It•Human | KiH Meter commissioned to young instagram artist @childishspite