Keep•It•Human founder Ricardo Climent


Thanks for visiting our Social Venture Keep•It•Human, a Game Ecosystem for Digital Altruism. We add music and fun to digital fundraising to connect a new generation of people with the ownership of social challenges.
My name is Ricardo Climent and this company is a spin-out of my academic research at the University of Manchester, under UK's accelerator ASPECT and its programme Success 2020. I have a passion for Interactive Music Composition, gaming and Education and I trust, as a team, we have figured out a way to align these skills to address some Global Challenges. 

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Keep•It•Human -  TEAM


Thanks to our academic routes, we have a strong network of long-standing partners in:

  • Music, spatial audio, game-audio (long list! here a link to NOVARS)
  • 3D modelling and game-engines (Manusamo&Bzika)  
  • Machine Learning, computer science (PhDs at NOVARS and partners at AMBS)


We have a range of advisors within ASPECT and the Masood Entreprise in UK. They are providing us with extraordinary value and resources during market validation. Including Julio Martinez Ferrer, a Business Development Intern at The Masood Enterprise Centre | Law and Business Student at University of Navarra 

KiH Pitch at ASPECT UK - Success programme 2020 (3 minutes)

Keep•It•Human - Digital but human

 At the core of Keep•It•Human's mission is to remind people what makes us human and that in the digital world we may be incorporeal or reembodied but still humans.

@copyright Keep•It•Human | KiH Meter commissioned to young instagram artist @childishspite