Thanks for visiting our Social Venture Keep•It•Human, a Game Ecosystem for Digital Altruism. We add music and fun to digital fundraising to connect a new generation of people with the ownership of social challenges.
My name is Ricardo Climent and this company is a spin-out of my academic research at the University of Manchester, under UK's accelerator ASPECT and its programme Success 2020. I have a passion for Interactive Music Composition, gaming and Education and I trust, as a team, we have figured out a way to align these skills to address some Global Challenges. 

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Keep•It•Human -  Team & Partners


Thanks to our academic routes, we have a strong network of long-standing partners in:

  • Music Performers (long list! here a link to NOVARS)
  • Spatial audio, game-audio and music composition (mostly 15 years of practice at the Univeristy of Manchester)
  • Machine Learning, computer science (PhDs at NOVARS and partners at AMBS and PRisM at the RNCM)
  • 3D modelling (Manusamo&Bzika)  


We have a range of advisors within ASPECT and the Masood Entreprise in UK. They are providing us with extraordinary value and resources during market validation. Including Julio Martinez Ferrer, a Business Development Intern at The Masood Enterprise Centre | Law and Business Student at University of Navarra